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I feel like one of the luckiest people alive…

So in case you don’t know it’s extremely unusual to spot the Big 5 in one day at any safari particularly the Masai Mara (1500^2 km of plains) but my safari with Jimmy did exactly that!!! Within the first 2 hours we came across a pride of lions, they were resting in some small bushes. We watched them quietly for about 15 minutes and then we drove away. As we drove around the back of the bushes we saw a huge herd of wildebeest and zebras.

Our EXTRAORDINAIRE safari guide Jimmy knew that the lions would know that the herd was close and would be travelling-by very soon so Jimmy took us back to the lions….we sat and watched. Sure enough as the herd began to approach the lions started to wake up, especially one lion who sat up, turned and watched the herd through the grass. Within a few minutes the lion started creeping. We started the engine and followed. Now we could see the wildebeest behind the bushes and one of them was giving birth…Jimmy knew that the lion would of been able to smell the birth. All the wildebeest started running past and the pregnant wildebeest ran past with 2 baby legs and a tail hanging out of her….it was an incredible sight…an animal giving birth on the run!!!

What happened next between the lion, the wildebeest and the newborn baby was shockingly amazing…let’s just say the circle of life happened right in front of us. It was one of the most intense things I have ever seen. We also saw a leopard with her 2 babies (so bloody damn lucky) and we saw a black rhino which is extremely rare. We saw an old male lion sitting with his lioness and 3 cubs and a dead zebra with its guts hanging out which was hunted and freshly killed about 20 minutes prior.

We saw a sleeping cheetah, so many giraffes, the biggest crocodile I’ve ever seen in my life and a massive herd of hippos in the water. We saw hyenas, mongooses, gazelles, water bucks, secretary birds, vultures, and heaps of busy warthogs). We saw a flock of ostriches so big that even Jimmy took photos!! Plus we saw so so much more.

Seriously!! The safari with Jimmy blew my mind! I’ve been on two other safaris but this one with Jimmy tops the lot! Don’t do a safari without him!!

Jemma Carlisle

impressed with Jimmy and his knowledge..

UAVisuals used bora kasha safaris to capture some of Africas most elusive animals and we weren’t disappointed! We were particularly impressed with Jimmy and his knowledge of the park, animals, communication- speaking fluent English and Spanish!

We highly recommend Jimmy and his team!

Aaron Rajamoney

Everything was at our pace..

Having done a safari on my very first trip to Kenya. I’d highly recommend Jimmy. He’s so informative about the animals and really took time to find the animals the children wanted to see. He also never rushed us at any point during the safari; everything was at our pace. Thanks Jimmy!


I trust him with my life

Jimmy took us through Nairobi and Nakuru, we didn’t know what to expect when we got off the plane but we couldn’t have been in better hands. There isn’t anything Jimmy doesn’t know about Kenya and trust me, I tested him!!! His knowledge and love for the country and culture exceeded any expectations. Jimmy is one of the most honest and dignified people I have ever met. After touring with him I trust him with my life and will come back to Kenya often because we know we will be in such good hands. So much Love

Constance Hall

Jimmy will be your new best friend

Awesome experience to tour with Jimmy. We share the love for birdlife. I have fond memories with Jimmy when we traveled to Menengai Crater, Nakuru National Park and Kakamega rain forest. He knows all the local hotspots, makes easily connection with people and is a professional nature guide. Jimmy will be your new best friend in East Africa.

Marc Van de Giessen